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Poets have always written odes of praise not to just what is lofty but also to the ordinary things that surround us, in order to see what such deep attention can reveal. This ode is a metaphor, where flute becomes man, and vice versa, in ongoing, illuminating, mysterious conversation. Poem selected by Matthew Zapruder. 
CreditIllustration by R. O. Blechman

ode to the flute

A man sings
by opening his
mouth a man
sings by opening
his lungs by
turning himself into air
a flute can
be made of a man
nothing is explained
a flute lays
on its side
and prays a wind
might enter it
and make of it
at least
a small final song
Matthew Zapruder is the author of four poetry collections, including, most recently “Sun Bear.” He teaches poetry at Saint Mary’s College of California and is editor at large at Wave Books. Ross Gay is the author of three poetry collections, most recently “Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude,” published by the University of Pittsburgh Press last year. It was the winner of the 2015 National Book Critics Circle Award for poetry.

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  1. "Ode to Films"

    Always, it has been
    projected on the screen
    opposed to my bed
    Always, it has been
    Spielberg´s or Coppola´s
    but it could be a
    Scorsese´s film
    Always, it has been
    projected in front of me to
    see their worlds
    through their lens,
    through their eyes
    Always, it has a beginning
    and an end but there
    is always something else


    Music expresses feelings
    Dancing represents the expression of the soul.
    When one can do whatever one feels like.
    Freedom. When the soul is at peace.
    Of any kind.
    Dancing defines us, yet differentiates us.
    On stage, dancers can take
    spectators to other places...
    Make them cry
    make them feel elated.
    Dancers talk without speaking.
    Dancers talk through dancing
    yet some people become afraid of dancing.

  3. I particularly enjoy activities which are personal and show the differences among the class. It's really interesting seeing how everyone talked about something in particular they really enjoy doing, some odes were really good!

  4. Ode to my computer
    Oh my companion
    My mighty comrade
    With all your
    Ups and downs
    I love you so much
    And although you've changed
    Throughout all these years
    You are still the same
    We've been through
    So many adventures together
    Side by side
    Hand in mouse
    En masse
    Night and day
    Oh my companion
    My mighty comrade
    Please never forget
    You are my one diskette

  5. Ode to Mom

    When I first opened my eyes
    I was confused and floating
    in the eyes of someone
    I was yet to know
    When I first bursted a tear
    she was there to hold me
    For my first laugh
    It was her voice that cracked me up
    For every memory
    and all the love
    For all the underrated affection
    For being one of a kind
    My mom will be
    The last to cross my mind

  6. "Ode to the last curtain call"

    Lights turn on, the day has finally arrived
    The audience stands still, in a quiet room painted black
    Anxiety and blithe, I can write about them both
    Behind the red curtains, I am now where I belong

    The gleaming proscenium invites me to fulfil my greatest pipe dream
    My mind and body are now a present for her
    I am no longer myself, I am now instead part of a bigger team
    Costume and make-up set, everyone could notice I was just beggining to sweat

    The fruits of my labour are now easily seen, hadn't I gone through castings and stuff, I wouldn't be standing behind the scenes
    The play is now over, lights have been turned off
    Bittersweet feelings while I say goodbye to the acting prof
    I take the clothes away, no one could ever soothe away my pain
    I am no longer her, "So long, farewell!", I simply hope your memory doesn't blur

  7. I have a boundless enthusiasm to say that i loved the activity. It was interesting to heard others dream´s or interests through poems. It would be very interesting to repeat it another day. All being said, the poem i liked the most is the one written by Mari.

  8. I agree with Maxi who actually extolled the virtues of these great activities. I suggest we continue doing these type of excersises, as we can recognize the dissimilarities among us and be able to enrich ourselves with every work. It is awesome how some of us could in fact become ode writers in no more than thirty minutes!

  9. Ode to ink-stained hearts

    do not fall for a girl who loves words
    if you are afraid of ink stains on your skin
    and on your clothes
    and on the sheets
    she will try to describe how she feels about you
    in six different ways
    but none of them will fit
    she will have trouble understanding something
    unless there are words for it; make up a language
    do not be offended if her written world takes precedent over this one
    she is in there swimming through letters
    trying to learn how to love you better
    do not fall for a girl who loves words
    if you don’t see them like she does -
    currency, validation
    the only true form of human salvation.