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A touch of sexual assault

Resultado de imagen para a touch of sexual assaultResultado de imagen para a touch of sexual assaultResultado de imagen para a touch of sexual assaultResultado de imagen para a touch of sexual assault

*First impression on both videos 
*Which one did you like the most and why?
*Did the videos change your way of thinking at some level? On which aspect?
*Opinion on final phrase "boys will be boys and us women will never tell" 
*What would you do to change the situation in class among peers? 
*Should authorities get involved? How much?  

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  2. Whereas the first video left me unable to hide my astonishment merely because of the girl's age together with the plain idea of everything she might have gone through, the "Dear Daddy" one left me dumbfounded, completely lost for words.
    If someone asked me which one did I like the most I would promptly respond the poem one. Why? Simply because I consider the girl's way of art much more valuable than a videoclip. Albeit I must admit "Dear Daddy" is one of the best videos I've seen on the matter so far, I cannot endure the mere thought of the green fourteen-year-old girl having to bare such a dreadful experience.
    Both videos did change my way of thinking: I became fully aware that either present-day or future rapists and abusers can be found anywhere. I now comprehend if parents fail in the educational duty towards their offspring, they will become criminals, hence leaving aside any chance of planning a better tomorrow.
    By concluding her speech with the phrase "boys will be boys and us women will never tell" I do believe the girl makes reference to the predetermined place each gender occupies in society. Thus, boys will continue being the tough and powerful ones while us women will be the submissive, compliant and docile ones till the cows come home!
    Linking both ultimate questions, I do fathom I personally don't have enough tools as a student so as to irrevocably change the situation in class among peers. Thence, I reckon we must do whatever is within our reach aiming authorities become once and for all aware of the problem, rather than turning a blind eye to it!

  3. What infuriates me the most about the videos we saw in class presented by Cami and Mari is that there’s more responsibility on young girls not to sexually attract men than there is for society to ensure the safety of them. There’s fault on women for being dressed in a way that apparently invites rape but sympathy for men because “they’re only human”.
    I personally reckon that acknowleding this kind of topics in class is crucial for us young students in order to be aware of how society pressures us girls and that male privilege is a thing that should be erased.

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  5. The way the little girl talks, she simply isn't little anymore... That's the most shocking thing about the first video, and clearly the reason why it is also the one that most touched me.
    Girl of such age is supposed to be much more innocent, I honestly don't know if she did suffer from such brutal experience or not. But the truth is that she talks with a maturity probably higher than my own, she is passionate with what she is presenting and transmites every word in the most deeper of the ways.
    Of course the second video is quite informative and shocking too, but the way the girl transmits her fealings towards the topic is what makes ME like the first video more.

    "Boys will be boys and us women will never tell" A deep analisis of our current situation on society nowadays. Little boys get to score little girls bodies without punishment at all. Probably most of those little kids in the future change their way of thinking towards us women and stop looking at us like objets, I don't want to put every man in the same category.
    Though, a considerable number of those boys who have that perspective of the little girls, grow up to be the kind of man capable of raping a woman. Gaining the knowledge that a raper could be anywhere is a step closer to stoping rapists now and forever.
    I think that authorities should get involved whenever they can because their words will be more valuable to them than the words of a fellow companion.

  6. When I saw the two videos I was already aware of the subject so it did not struck me like that, but it was a really beautiful way to tackle the topic (by making it a poem or a short film telling a personal story).
    I liked the second one the most, since it is adressed to a totally different audience (the fathers). One would think that it has nothing to do with the topic in question, but in reality it has everything to do with it, as it all begins somewhere.
    I believe that these videos did not change my way of thinking at some level, since I already knew these thing happen in the world almost all the time.
    “Boys will be boys and us women will never tell” I think it’s a powerful phrase, one that describes perfectly how the situation is and why it’s still happening.
    I think rather than changing our situation, we need to raise awareness in youngest generations, since they are still in an age where they are easily influenced by their surroundings and what they are taught is wrong or right.
    Authorities should get involved, since it occurs a lot inside the school, so it should be part of their responsibility and not turn a blind eye on the situation. How much? All they can.


  7. I had already seen both videos so yesterday I didn't have any first impressions of course, but from what I can remember I believe that the first time I saw the video of the poem what struck me the most was the awareness that the girl who wrote it had about the topic, specially because of her age. We aren't educated enough about the subject in school I think, so for her to stand up for their rights and express her discomfort at such a young age is incredible. On the other hand, when I saw the second video what shocked me the most was realizing how one thing leads to another so we can't let anything pass just to be nice because we don't know the consequences it could have in the future. For that reason and the fact that it had images to accompany the story I liked the second one better, but still both were amazing.
    However, they didn't really change my way of thinking in any level because I was already aware of most of the things shown in the videos.
    About the final phrase "boys will be boys and us women will never tell" , I think that it refers to the amount of victims of rape or sexual assault that are told not to say anything or stand up for their rights because that’s what boys do and they can’t be taught any better. But I don’t think that’s true since those attitudes have nothing to do with sex but they are all about the way you were raised.
    As I said in class I think that authorities should get involved and punish or call out people if a situation like that happened among peers but I still believe that the most effective solution would be for us the students to get involved. Teachers should say something but it will have a lot more weight coming from a friend rather than them, so we have to do something about it too.

  8. Our aim with Mari was to present a topic and create a debate based on something that concerned all of us so that it could be both interesting and thought-provoking, and Im really glad that almost everyone got involved and contributed valuable thoughts and experiences throughout the debate.
    As a matter of fact, when I first saw each video I was left speechless. Only by the thought of a 14-year-old girl having to go through what she did I get goosebumps.
    As said in "Dear Daddy" (I agree with Sofi Espada that it was an excellent idea to adress it to a totally different audience, the fathers) something always leads to something else. Having stated that, I deem education as the most important factor of the equation.
    I reckon that one of the things we should do is to even things up for both girls and boys. We shouldn't underestimate that boys will get distracted by a shoulder showing off, and we also shouldn't let girls suffer the way they are.
    Regarding the situation in class, I believe we should first try to solve it among us, and if that doesn't take place then reach some authority who may help us.
    Furthermore, this all reminded me of how it felt like last year's Ni Una Menos movement. I want to stop wondering if Im going to be the next one. I want justice, not keep on normalizing sexual assaults, or even "excuse" them because of the clothes the victim (that's exactly what she is) may have been wearing when she was abused.
    "Somos el grito de las que ya no tienen voz" (I didn't know how to translate it properly) So, it's not too late for us to do something about it.
    I seize this opportunity to invite all of you to join me in the second march of NiUnaMenos next Friday.

  9. What strucked me the most about the first video was that the little girl showed great maturity in her speech. Not only did she presented the topic with passion and deep sentiment but also made me realized of how crazy society is nowadays as she shouldn´t be concerned at that issues at that age.
    Moreover, I liked really much the second video "Dear Daddy" as it´s more graphic and explicit showing images of women being hit by their couples. Also, I loved the fact that it was aimed to fathers advising them about the importance of girls treatment at early ages.
    Even though I agree with the phrase "Boys will be boys and us women will never tell" I believe it is unfair to judge men in general as most of them treat girls in a very respectful way.
    As I see it, in order to change the situation in class among peers the authorities should inflict harsher punishments on agressors.

  10. The videos seen last tuesday were truly gripping. I cannnot really tell which of them is my favorite but I certainly enjoyed discussing about them. While the second video is more graphic, the first one was more shocking. Seeing the young girl showing her maturity and speaking in that way about the topic really surprised me. In addition, nowadays we are accostumed to tackling the topic in different subjects.
    I belive that saying "boys will be boys" it's too general since boys are considered as the same thing and we are not taking into account that everyone has different ways of treating women. Meanwhile, the part of the phrase "us women will never tell" needs to be changed especially by authorities.

  11. While watching both videos, I began to ponder to whom we are supposed to “blame” for what happens and how we can modify it. I believe it is not a question of inculpating men but society instead. In my opinion, we must make both social political and ideological changes so as to end up imposing beliefs and norms from birth that determine the roles of men and women. I believe it all begins with the citizens awareness and dissemination of what happens nowadays. For me, one of the most significant necessities would be to improve the country's future education. There is no excuse for raping, or the length of the skirt, or attitude or whether she was drunk or not. We must continue working everyday to form a society in which both sexes can enjoy the same rights by accepting we are all dissimilar, which at the same time makes us equal and humans.
    The phrase “boys will be boys” is actually stereotyping men and can convey a message of “surrender” when we are actually looking forward to achieving exactly the opposite: that boys stop being boys and that women be able to tell.
    I definitely liked that during the presentation when we referred to gender violence, not only did we include physical or mental abuse from men to women , but also between men and between women.
    I believe we still have a long way to go and I hope that one day girls could finally go out to celebrate our rights instead of claiming them.

  12. I had seen the poem video before so I wasn’t as shocked as in the Dear Daddy one. Usually the video which contains the more explicit and disquieting content, and images, is the one that gets to you the most. And this was the case, I happened to like the second video for the reasons I mentioned before. These sexual assaults develop quite often and that for sure is not a good thing at all, it can severely damage a woman’s or a man’s mental health for the rest of her/his life and that is something that needs to be stopped asap. The videos didn’t change my viewpoint on the matter. However, the discussion and the arguments brought up in class kind of did. I’ve started to actually ponder on the phrase “boys will be boys and us women will never tell” as I believe that men should not be put in the same bag since every men doesn’t share the same thoughts and intentions. What’s more, women need to speak up! We must fight together so that we can all be heard, we are sure that things won’t change from dusk till dawn but one thing we are certain of, is that we, as humans, can and will be successful in overcoming this issue. Everyone can do their own bit and start standing up for each other in daily life situations such as in class among peers. We have a stronger voice in people who are closer to us, and just by stating to them that what they’re doing is wrong, they will probably pay attention to us and value our opinion. Finally, I consider someone to be inhuman if they don’t react or just ignore the fact that one of their students is getting verbally or physically harassed. So I think that, as long as they do not recur to the use of violence, they have the need to intervene.

  13. I was speechless when I saw those videos for the first time, and after watching the second one I almost cried.
    Although the second video had more production, I preferred the first one since personally I believe that a poem written by a girl has more value, she expresses her point of view in an artistic way.
    No, they didn't change my mind, in fact, I agree with the messages they conveyed.
    Concerning about the final phrase "boys will be boys, and us women will never tell", I reckon that the girl means to say that guys who bother and/or sexually assault women will never understand the severity of their acts (for example, they justify themselves by stating that they do that stuff because girls tease them with their clothing).
    I've already tried to stop them nicely, but it just gets worse, the boys become more aggressive. So I guess I would have to go talk to Alejandra.
    If the situations get out of control, obviously yes, they should get involved as necessary.

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  15. Both videos tackle a serious topic: abuse and sexual assault. Even though we see those two concepts as something far from our day-to-day reality we should become aware of the fact that there are many girls, and boys as well, who experience these situations day after day without their approval. I liked both videos because the two of them make reference to abuse not only in sexual terms but also verbal by mentioning different insults and situations that women go through nowadays.Also, I could feel related to them as they refer to daily comments among peers.
    The phrase "boys will be boys and and us women will never tell" despite of being too general it has some truth, but the idea is too often used to normalise men being violent, aggressive, and sexist. While us, women are usually told we just need to accept that. So it's both, a distortion of the male experience, and a subversion of the female one.
    Regarding this issue at school, I dare say the best approach would be to make authorities aware of this situation that's been going on for a while now. However, I believe that before making the authorities react we should first take action ourselves trying to change some attitudes such as accepting the insults and the lack of respect between us instead of responding; or laughing of them which is also wrong because in a way we are endorsing those comments.
    Personally, I enjoyed having devoted time to this topic in class and trying to find solutions to it.

  16. I found extremely shocking both videos as both of them depict the spiral of violence against women which in most of the cases start just with an insult. This idea of increasing violence was shown at the end of the second video with the phrase: "One thing leads to the other", which I particulary found it truly astonishing. As I see the things, our last class was tremendously enriching inasmuch as it helped us to discuss this controversial issue. Moreover, I consider this discussions must be held on every school in order to change the direction of this patriarchal education, while also trying to raise the public awareness of this issue

    1. I would also like to say that the video "Dear Daddy" was increadibly effictive in terms of communicating the message and leave us ponder deeply about the topic, while it also featuring breathtaking of a man hitting a woman.

      We have to understand that this patriarchal society cannot be change just with a "Ni Una Menos" parade (in any case it would be a fad). A cultural change, supported by the educational system, is needed in order to change the direction of this serious issue.

  17. First of all, I personally find truly concerning the fact that not one, but all of the girls present in class that day felt related to both videos. The poem from the first video, presented by the girl reading it to the audience, made me think about my upbringing. As a matter of fact, we women sometimes have to obey incoherent rules that are only there to please men, let alone certain social expectations which enable us from being absolutely free and downright. Furthermore, the “Dear Daddy” video shocked me in a completely different matter. As it is directed to the father of the girl and not, like in the other video, to society in general, the message conveyed was more about teaching boys, from home and thus the key learning space, that they should respect women. I might say that this was the one that stroked me the most, not only because the images shown are more appealing and engaging, but also because it’s much more persuasive towards the audience that is important: the raising parents of a boy and or girl.
    From the first video the phrase “boys will be boys and women will never tell” is something that clearly has left us all mind blown. It says a lot about how our current society views men in general as people incapable of being respectful or conscious of their actions. At the same time, the phrase states women should just keep quiet about whatever type of abuse they go through, because it’s considered something normal and that cannot be avoided.
    From our situation in class now a days I would personally like to lower the amount of violence. It is noticeable that our classmates have lots of energy, but it’s not okay the way they deal with it. Insults and aggressiveness towards others should never be permitted, and that why I would gladly admit the intervention of the authorities, be it the teacher or whoever in charge at the moment, whenever someone, boy or girl, starts insulting someone in a way that the other person clearly does not take lightly.

  18. From my point of view, the second video stroke me a lot more due to the sensitive pictures that it showed while the second video just showed a girl giving a message. All in all, both videos are perfect to show how girls suffer in today’s society.
    I have a boundless enthusiasm to say that for me, even though it is hard, we (boys) have to fight against those who harm or commit any kind of violence to any women because our patriarchal society pays more attention to men rather than women when a decision needs to be made.
    It is essential to say that it is totally unfair for women to walk with fear while men live their life in peace.
    Going back to the videos, I was totally shocked when the girl giving the talk said at the end “boys will be boys and women will never tell”.
    For me it’s a very unfair phrase because the girl is generalising us and we are not all violent to girls.
    But from another point of view, that phrase might refer to just the victims of sexual abuse or violence.
    To add more information, i truly reckon that authorities must help women to fight against rapists or sexual abusers by giving more resources to enforce police officers to detect those criminals and fight against them.
    In conclusion, even though women are the most affected gender, i believe that our goal as a society might be to eradicate violence in a way that everyone can live a happy life.

  19. Thank you for share this moment with you.
    I need to say a lot of things but my limited english makes it very difficult.

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  21. About Dear Daddy, sometimes we do not realize how much women are disrespected and hurt. Talking as a boy, ever since we are very little, we tend to call them names and do all sort of disrespectful things, and yet nobody stops us. Then we grow older, and we take advantage of them being drunk, and nobody stops us. How can you possibly prevent a man from raping a woman if we take for granted the little and horrible things that we do since we are young? We must all correct these from the very first moment we see that there’s something wrong going on.
    I liked the poem the most because it really did strike me. Not only did it make me put myself on her shoes, but it also made me real ice how fucked up society is and how hard it is for women to do such simple things as walking down the Street. Because us boys, we are never afraid of some pervert telling us things or even touch (or raping) us.
    Among my peers, sometimes I realize that some things said and done towards girls are not entirely correct. We should be able to talk about it, and try to open their minds however hard that may be.
    Authorities should definitely get involved, by passing laws which help women get by everyday without men calling them all sorts of horrible things, and also by properly punishing those who do evil.

  22. In my opinion, I believe it is of extreme importance to raise awareness on this topic, and the videos were really suitable for that matter. What I liked was the fact that they conveyed the Message from a personal point of view, from a victim's point of view, instead of just stating facts. The fact that both videos were shocking in my opinion helped a lot, and made them not go unnoticed. In fact, this generated quite a debate in our class.
    That we get to talk about it from our perspective, not only as an isolated topic but as a problem that we ourselves face as women, is very helpful and is a big step towards solving this issue, at least in our environment.
    There are so many misconceptions about sexual assault, feminism, along with some other topics the videos touched. So the multimedia material, and mainly the debate, is a great tool for erradicating this and informing all of us. Talking about it is the first step towards solving something, and I'm glad the school is giving importance to an issue so relevant and that involves us all